learn more about our exclusive Training program

Learn more about our exclusive training program, know how transfer and

questions of our customers, which we answer in the VLOGS For all of you who like to have more technical insights, please have a look into the „inside the Box“, where we explain the technology behind in a very short form.


Know – how Transfer

We are happy to share our know-how with you and have put together a gallery of folders that present knowledge in a very short form. Our know how „gallery“ is constantly being expanded to ensure that you are always up to date.

 VLOGS – Questions from customers

in our short vlogs we answer questions of our customers, such as

„What equipment was used to measure latency“ or „Why can the matrix switching system from kvm-tec have more than 2000 endpoints?

Technical Insights

for all those who would like to know more about what happens „inside the box“ and want to have a closer look at the technology, the right overview

Virtual kvm-tec training program

Because personal customer relations are very important to us, kvm-tec sales and technical trainings are always arranged individually. Our trainings transfer knowledge about KVM Extender, Matrix Switching Systems and more in about 30-40 minutes in a very entertaining and interactive way…

Since it is not possible to sit around a campfire with you and share our exciting KVM know – how, we have set up two studios in our home base – one in our brainroom – which has a more living room atmosphere and one studio where we also hold larger trainings and webinars.

kvm-tec Training